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The Arbitrary Nature of WhatsApp, Signal, and OTT will come to an end!

The government will soon introduce a new bill. The arbitrariness of social media and OTT apps can be controlled after the passage of this bill. Please tell us everything.

New Delhi India: There are plans to crack down on the arbitrariness of social media apps and OTT. The government is working on a new telecom draught bill to address this issue. Until now, there was no framework for social media apps or OTT. As a result of this, pornographic content was being distributed indiscriminately on social media and OTT. The government is introducing the Telecom Draft Bill to prohibit such content.

Social media apps and OTT will have their screws tightened.

According to the central government, the new Telecommunication Draft Bill will soon bring WhatsApp, Signal, and other over-the-top services under the legal framework. That is, these services will be brought under the jurisdiction of a law, which will determine the liability of these service providers. The same rule can be applied for rule violations, fines, and license cancellation.

Social media will be safer than ever before.

If this bill is introduced in this form, social media and OTT app data will be presented encrypted. This improves user privacy and security. This means that there will be fewer incidents of social media data leakage or hacking.

The new law will also make this service available.

The Telecom Draft Bill addresses telecommunication services such as broadcasting, electronic mail, voice mail, voice, video, and data communication, audio service, videotex service, fixed and mobile service, Internet and broadband service, and satellite-based communication service.

In addition to this internet-based communication service, OTT, maritime connectivity, human-to-human communication, and machine-to-machine communication are also included.

  • service for communication via the internet
  • service for interpersonal communication during flight
  • video calls
  • voice calls

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