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Raju Srivastava, LIVE: Raju’s brain isn’t functioning, so doctors tried these measures to help the comic regain consciousness.

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A LIVE health update for Raju Srivastava Raju Srivastava’s doctors have given the comic their word that he will heal, albeit it might take some time. Please be informed that Raju Srivastava has been fighting for his life for the past 15 days while being treated at the AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. While still unconscious, he is being ventilated. His supporters, friends, and coworkers never stop praying for his recovery.

Actual Time
Update on Sunil Pal
According to Sunil Pal, he is presenting a promising indication. He is getting better. The prayers are the only thing that matters. Positive thinking is essential. His body is responding in various ways. By God’s goodness, he is stable right now. Aiming for the best, let’s



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