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Russia has sparked outrage with hundreds being arrested

Protests were held all over the nation despite harsh laws against the Russian military and opposition to the conflict. In 38 cities, anti-war protests resulted in the arrest of more than 1,300 Russians, according to the independent human rights organization OVD-Info. According to a report from the Russian Interior Ministry, attempts to plan protests and hold rallies without authorization were thwarted by the police.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has announced the deployment of 3 lakh reserve soldiers. Since then, Russia has seen violent protests. A sizable number of people demonstrated in the streets of St. Petersburg’s largest industrial city, Moscow, which serves as its capital. Hundreds of participants in protests against the deployment of reserve troops in these two cities, according to an independent watchdog group, have allegedly been detained. Moscow protesters also chanted “No to War, Life to our Children, No Mobilization.” It is feared that the Ukraine war may worsen as a result of Putin’s order for this military deployment.

Protesters stated, “We do not want to kill people.”

Everyone is scared, according to Vasil Fedorov, a student who participated in this demonstration. I want peace; I don’t want people shot with rifles. However, it is extremely dangerous to come out now; otherwise, many more people will perish. Oksana Sidorenko, a student, stated that I had come to express my opposition to war and military mobilization. Why are they making decisions about my future? I’m afraid for myself and my brother.

Across the country, people took to the streets, and many were arrested.

Protests took place across the country despite harsh laws against the Russian military and criticism of the war. According to the independent Russian human rights organization OVD-Info, over 1,300 Russians were arrested during anti-war protests in 38 cities. According to the Russian news agency Interfax, police foiled attempts to organize protests and hold rallies without permission. All protests have been halted, and violators have been arrested.

No need to die for Putin, says anti-war campaign

Earlier, the anti-war Vesna Youth Democratic Movement had called for protests. In an appeal posted on his website, Vesna said of the Russo-Ukraine war, “We urge the soldiers to refuse to participate in the Russian army’s special operations and to surrender as soon as possible. You must die for Putin.” It is not required. Those who love you need you in Russia. You are like cannon fodder to the authorities, where you will be wasted with no meaning or purpose.

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