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Raju Srivastava Live:- Raju Srivastava along with being healthy, know

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Raju Srivastava Health Update LIVE: Famous comedian Raju Srivastava has been hospitalized for the past several days. He has been unconscious in the hospital since a heart attack while working out on August 10. His treatment is going on in Delhi’s AIIMS. Struggling for his life for 15 days, Raju is still on ventilator. In such a situation, his fans and fans are constantly praying for his speedy recovery. In this live update, know about every small and big news related to the health of the comedian-

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In a coma, Raju Srivastava

Raju Srivastava, who has been unconscious for the past 15 days, has reportedly entered a coma, according to latest sources. According to reports, Raju’s brain is not responding at all.

neurophysiotherapy as a form of treatment

According to the report, Raju Srivastava is being treated by doctors using neurophysiotherapy. Actually, one of Raju’s three brain veins is still clogged, and therapy for it is still underway, according to the experts.Raju’s brother dismissed the news of his removal from the ventilator

The comedian’s health information from the day before indicated that he will soon be taken off the ventilator. Later, though, Raju Srivastava’s brother responded and brushed off the rumours.



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