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Putin’s daughter went on a date with boyfriend Zelensky in London, Russian President sent an army of spies


  • The threat to Russian President Putin and his family has increased after the Ukraine war
  • Putin’s mentor was attacked recently in which his daughter was killed
  • In the last 4 years, Putin’s daughter went to western cities for a date with her new boyfriend

Moscow: The threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his family has increased after the Ukraine war. Putin’s mentor was recently attacked in a deadly attack in which his daughter was killed. Now it is being claimed that in the last 4 years, Katrina Tikhonova (35), daughter of Vladimir Putin, went on a secret trip with her new boyfriend Igor Zelensky for a romantic date in western cities like Munich in Germany and London in Britain. . During this, Putin had engaged an army of Russian spies with him to protect his daughter.

Putin’s daughter Katarina is a belle dancer and Igor Zelensky was the head of the Bavarian State Ballet at the time. A German media investigative report, citing a leaked Secret Service paper, said that every time Putin’s daughter traveled to the West, she was accompanied by an army of spies, all of which were paid for from the Russian state exchequer. This report said that in March 2017, Putin’s daughter went on a visit to London. During this, a room in the hotel was booked by Katrina’s personal officer for six spies close to Putin.

Katrina arrived on a luxurious Gulfstream G650 business jet

The German report said that these spies had to stay in a swarm in a London hotel. The activities of Putin’s daughter in Britain were not recorded. Not only this, when Katrina went to Halmstad city of Sweden. It is being told that during this also 10 spies had gone with Putin’s daughter who were part of the KGB at one time. Two of these spies Dmitry Dankov and Dmitry Posunenko were the ones who had personally protected Putin. Katrina, once a dancer, was married to Kirill Shamalov, 40, the son of a close confidant of Putin and Russia’s youngest billionaire.

This marriage of Katrina with Kirill did not last long, and Putin’s daughter began a relationship with ballet star Igor Zelensky. It is being told that there is also a daughter from Zelensky and Putin’s daughter. Earlier it was revealed that Katrina had undergone ‘Vampire Facelift’ treatment and Botox injections during her trip to Germany. German media reported that Putin has spent a lot of money for his daughter. On many occasions, Katrina visited the luxurious Gulfstream G650 business jet. Russian spies were always present around Katrina’s hotel room, giving Putin all the information about his daughter’s love life.



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