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IND vs PAK T20i: Shahid Afridi’s faith in the Pakistani team decreased

Who would win the India-Pakistan encounter scheduled for August 28 in the Asia Cup, Shahid Afridi was questioned? Everyone was taken aback by his incredibly unexpected response when he responded to this.

When he was playing cricket, Shahid Afridi was renowned for his fours and sixes, and even after retiring from the sport, his words continue to make headlines. Because he cares about both Pakistan and India, his words are debated there as well. He is the subject of intense debate once more over one of his utterances. He has, however, only made this assertion on social media and not on any TV or camera. He was actually questioned about the India-Pakistan match that will take place on August 28 in the Asia Cup. Everyone was taken aback by his incredibly unexpected remark when he responded to this.

When Shahid Afridi was responding to fan inquiries on Twitter, he shared his thoughts on the India-Pakistan game. When a cricket fan questioned him about the result of the Ind-Pak game, he did not respond directly and instead gave a vague answer.

Shahid Afridi on who will prevail in the Ind-Pak conflict

Who do you believe to be the stronger nation between India and Pakistan? was the direct query posed to Shahid Afridi by a cricket fan. Who would triumph? Shahid Afridi didn’t mention either his country of origin, Pakistan, or the response. He merely stated that the team with fewer errors will prevail.

Does Afridi harbor any fear of losing?

After Shahid Afridi’s reply, everyone was in awe. Because nobody anticipated him to respond in this way. Everyone anticipated that he would mention a specific team. And Pakistan may be that name. However, following this assertion, it appears that Shahid Afridi is worried that India might defeat Pakistan this time. And for that reason, he decided it was appropriate to speak in an arbitrary manner by omitting to directly address this query.



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