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Europe Heatwave: In Europe, the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius in England, and 748 people died in Spain and Portugal.

Europe, with its beautiful landscapes and pleasant weather, is currently experiencing a severe heatwave. The situation in the United Kingdom has deteriorated to the point where the government has called an emergency meeting. For the first time in British history, a red alert has been issued due to the heat.

At the moment, the entire continent of Europe is sweltering in heat. Forest fires in Spain and France have exacerbated the situation. Temperatures are setting new records across the United Kingdom (UK). The death of two people in a fire in Spain has heightened the situation. Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has linked the situation to global warming, claiming that it is now killing people.

The temperature will be 41°C

The temperature in South England was 38 degrees on Monday, and it is expected to reach 41 degrees on Tuesday. Passengers have been advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary by the National Rail Service. Rail services in many parts of the North East of England will remain suspended.

Summer will arrive soon.

Hundreds of people have died as a result of the heat in the Iberian Peninsula. The fire from Portugal to the Balkans will make the coming days more difficult. Many parts of northern Italy have been affected by a drought. According to scientists, climate change will cause this deadly heat to occur more frequently and for a longer period of time.

The situation in the United Kingdom is deteriorating.

The situation has deteriorated in the United Kingdom, and residents have been advised to remain at home by authorities. This is the first time that residents have been asked to remain indoors due to the extreme heat. The Weather Service in the United Kingdom predicted a temperature of 38.7 °C in 2019. After three years, the situation has deteriorated.

Doom like heat

Temperatures have broken records in a number of French cities. It was the hottest day of the summer, according to the Meteorological Department. The temperature in the French region of Brittany was 39.3 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, the situation has deteriorated significantly since September 2003. According to French meteorologist François Gaurand, summer will be nothing short of disastrous in some parts of the southwest.

748 people were killed.

Both Spain and Portugal are in a terrifying state. The heat is being blamed for the deaths of 748 people here.

Covered bridge

In London, the heat has become so intense that engineers have been forced to cover the 135-year-old London Bridge in silver foil. The temperature in London is expected to break a record in the coming days.

Lack of rain

Already, the summer has exacerbated the situation, and with no rain, everything is in disarray. It begins to rain in Spain around this time, but there is no sign of rain here.



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