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A 24-year-old Indian breaks a 6-year-old record in the 100-meter dash.

Amalan, 24, is India’s fastest runner in the men’s category. Amlan set a new Indian record of 10.26 seconds for measuring 100 metres of ground.

Who in India is the fastest runner? Who among the 140 crore Indians can measure 100 metres of land the fastest? As a result, a new answer to these questions has been discovered. That’s Amalan Borgohain. In the men’s category, this 24-year-old sprinter is India’s fastest runner. Amlan has set a new Indian land measurement record of 100 meters. He set the national record in 10.25 seconds, breaking a six-year-old record in the process. This record was set before Amlan Borgohain in the year 2016 by Amiya Kumar Malik. The Assamese sprinter then clocked 10.26 seconds. However, Amalan Borgohain has now broken Amiya Kumar Malik’s national record by 0.1 second.

Improved on previous results, setting a national record

Now you know where Amlan Borgohain set a new national 100-meter record. He accomplished this feat at the Inter Railway Athletics Championship in Rae Bareli. Amlan improved his previous time by 0.9 seconds to set this record. His best time in the first 100 metres was 10.34 seconds. However, he has now taken 10.25 seconds.



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