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22 people killed by Russian munitions at Chaplin railway station on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

Russian Strike On Ukraine: On the day of Ukraine’s Independence, Russia also launched a violent attack in which 22 people lost their lives. Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, has provided information regarding this Russian assault. In the meantime, the US has said that it will donate $3 billion worth of armaments to Zelensky’s government.

On the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, at least 22 people have died as a result of Russian shelling at the Chaplin train station in the heart of Dnipropetrovsk. This information was provided in President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to the country. The President was quoted by the news agency DPA as saying that five of the dead’s bodies had been found on the railway track in a video address late on Wednesday. A search and rescue effort is underway.

Earlier reports indicated that the bombardment had harmed more than 50 persons. This information hasn’t been validated, though. “The attack on the Chaplin train station happened at night,” he explained. The primary holiday we celebrate, Ukraine’s Independence Day, is about to finish, but our independence has not ended and never will. Throughout the battle, train stations and rail infrastructure have frequently been impacted.

America unveils its largest arms deal

In an attack on Kramatorsk station in the eastern Donbass region in April, at least 57 persons were killed. Also on Wednesday, six months after it started on February 24, Russia’s prolonged conflict with Ukraine came to a conclusion. Russian shelling on Wednesday claimed the life of an 11-year-old child, according to local authorities. Zelensky issued a warning on Tuesday to residents about anticipated provocation by Russia on July 4th and widespread shelling.

The greatest ever weaponry donation from the United States to Ukraine is an additional $3 billion in security support. Six additional National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems are part of the new package issued by the US Department of Defense (DOD), according to Xinhua (NASAMS). This included extra munitions for up to 65,000 rounds of 120 mortar ammo, 24 counter-artillery radars, up to 245,000 rounds of 155 artillery ammunition, support gear for the Puma and Scan Eagle unmanned aerial systems (UAS), the Vampire counter-UAS system, and laser-guided rocket systems.



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