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10 Apple Iphone Hacks! I Bet You Never Knew

From charging the battery quicker to shooting a hands-free shot, these hidden iPhone hacks will be your new favourite techniques.

You’ve been ignoring these iPhone hacks!

You’ve probably barely scratched the surface of what your iPhone is capable of. Your dependable friend has hundreds of iPhone hacks that will make using your smartphone quicker, simpler, and more efficient. With new features being added with each iOS release, it’s critical to stay current—or you risk missing out on all the best iPhone tricks, such as how to tell if someone has blocked your number, delete apps, screen record, forward or unsend a text message, and even unlock your iPhone without a passcode.

Tag contacts in group messages

The next time you want to catch someone’s attention in a group chat, tag them by entering the @ sign followed by their name. Then tap the space bar or add a punctuation mark to make the person’s name bold and the @ sign vanish. The person named will get a notice when you send the message. If you mistakenly erase a message, here’s how to recover lost text messages on an iPhone.

Change your default web browser and email app

If your phone is running the newest iOS, you may make Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser your default browser instead of Safari. You may also change your default email. Rather than immediately launching Apple Mail to create a new email or filter spam emails, you may now pick an app like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail as your preferred.

Add captions to images and videos

To caption any picture or video you capture, simply swipe up on an image or video, press the “Add a Caption” area, then input your caption or keyword. It will instantly save to your iCloud Photos after you’re done. You may discover the picture later by putting the caption or keyword into your iPhone’s Search box. Also of note: You may conceal private images that you don’t want others to view.

Reply to particular messages in a group thread by pressing and holding the message you wish to reply to, choosing “Reply” in the menu of choices, and then entering and sending your message. Your answer will create a new thread within the discussion, and you’re now officially following the right group texting etiquette.

Hide useless applications

Want to delete unneeded applications from your home screen without entirely uninstalling them? Store them in Apple’s App Library instead. All you have to do is touch and hold the app, hit “Remove App” from the pop-up menu, then pick “Move to App Library.” If you want to do more than hide applications on an iPhone, you can remove them. But make sure you complete these four things before removing an app.

Launch applications quicker

As you search for applications using the App Library or default Search feature, your phone will anticipate the best match and display it at the top of the results. If that’s the programme you want, you may launch it instantly by pressing “Go” on the keypad. For additional app-related iPhone hacks, check out how to lock applications on an iPhone.

Search the Web without a browser

There’s no need to launch Safari or another Web browser to look for anything online. Instead, swipe left to launch your Search window, input in the search criteria, then access the results straight from the page. While these iPhone hacks will save you time, you shouldn’t spend a second on these Internet hacks that simply don’t work.

Get a quicker charge

For a speedy method to top up, switch on Airplane Mode while you charge. Doing so will temporarily suspend your phone’s background noise (such as Web-based alerts and GPS roaming), which tends to deplete the battery while it charges. FYI, understanding how to preserve battery life on your iPhone may avoid similar errors going ahead.

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Quickly create a website

Take a shortcut when surfing the Web by entering the address into Safari and then holding down the period symbol on your phone’s keypad to bring up a selection of URL endings. Options vary from the typical suffixes (.com and .net) to the more rare ones (.edu and .gov) (.edu and .gov). Speaking of iPhone keyboard hacking, there’s a secret mouse on your iPhone’s keyboard too.

Get extra storage space

Want to make the most of your iPhone’s storage space? Clean up your phone’s RAM, which minimises the amount of space your applications could be taking up. If you have an older iPhone with a home button, this is fast and simple: Just hold down the “power” button, wait until you see the option to slide and turn off your phone, and then hold down the “home” button.

For newer iPhones with Face ID, there’s an extra step. First, switch on Assistive Touch in Settings by navigating to Accessibility, scrolling down to Touch, and turning on Assistive Touch. Next, hold down the “power” button and the “volume up” button until you see the option to slide and power off your phone. Tap the Assistive Touch icon (a grey circle), then hold the “home” button. If you still need additional space, attempt to factory reset your iPhone.



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